The fight against counterfeiting is one of the important areas both in the field of protecting intellectual property rights and in the economic sphere in general.

On the eve of the month “A Month Without Counterfeiting,” the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan organized a “round table conference” dedicated to the role of patent attorneys and lawyers during the month. Eldorkhon Fayzullakhujaev, partner of the “MY LAWYER” Law Firm and leading patent attorney, took part in this event.

During the round table conference, key issues related to the role of patent attorneys and lawyers in preventing and fighting counterfeiting were discussed. Eldorkhon Fayzullakhujaev shared with the event participants his vision on certain aspects of the fight against counterfeiting, including issues of improving legislation and forming the necessary judicial practice on the protection of the rights of rights holders.

The “MY LAWYER” Law Firm strives to strengthen intellectual property rights and is ready to take part in further initiatives aimed at preventing counterfeiting and protecting the rights of rights holders.