Legal support of businesses
MY LAWYER Law Firm provides professional legal services to firms (commercial entities). The provision of legal services to commercial entities takes the form of providing constant legal support on the basis of monthly payment.

As part of the legal support provided to commercial entities, the specialists of MY LAWYER Law Firm provide the following services:

  • provision of oral consultations on legal issues arising from the activities of clients, including consultations by telephone, videoconference, and e-mail;
  • approval of contracts (contracts, agreements) or provision of a legal opinion;
  • provision of a legal opinion on transnational transactions (import and export contracts, supplementary agreements to them);
  • examination and approval of orders (related to labor, production, etc.);
  • scrutiny and revision of the drafts of agreements and contracts subject to conclusion as well as correction of them (in case of necessity);
  • preparing the drafts of contracts, agreements, letters, applications, and inquiries;
  • preparing the drafts of transnational contracts (import contracts, export contracts, as well as supplementary agreements to them);
  • preparing the drafts of orders, decisions, protocols, and other local normative-regulations as well as of the drafts of letters, applications, and inquiries;
  • scrutiny and correction of draft letters, applications, and inquiries to check their compliance with normative-legal acts;
  • range of services in preparing the drafts of amendments and additions to the client’s constitutional documents, other documents related to such amendments and additions as well as the full assistance in re-registration procedures at the relevant bodies;
  • preparation of written information (analytical) reference on legal issues;
  • Claim work related to the collection of receivables;
  • representation of the interests of the client at various government bodies on issues related to the activities of the client;
  • participation in the audit of the financial and economic activities of the client.

MY LAWYER Law Firm conducts the legal audit of the legal entities
(Due Diligence).
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