Due diligence

Investing in a business, buying a business, mergers and acquisitions of legal entities requires a comprehensive study and analysis of the documents evidencing the financial and legal status of the company, its rights and obligations, on the basis of what we can conclude about the advisability of investing or the transaction. Execution such comprehensive study and analysis of the legal entity and its activity is called Due Diligence.

"My Lawyer" Law Firm provides professional services on legal audit of legal entities - Due Diligence. Conducting Due Diligence includes examination of the following questions on the basis of relevant documents:

1. Corporate governance of the legal entity:
- The constituent documents;
- Previously concluded transactions of purchase and sale (assignment) of shares.
- Minutes, decisions and orders of governance bodies of the legal entity.

2. Licenses and permits:
- Compliance with licensing requirements and conditions;
- The state of validity of licenses and permits.

3. The obligations of the legal entity:
- Contracts with suppliers and buyers;
- Credit agreements, loans and guarantees;
- Pledge agreement (mortgage).

4. Property rights of legal entity:
- Documents of title to real estate, vehicles and equipment;
- Documents of title to intellectual property.

5. Staff and HR documentation.

6. Lawsuits and claims.

Conducting Due Diligence in close cooperation with the auditors, financiers and other experts allows the "My Lawyer" Law Firm exercise Due Diligence on a high and competent level.