legal support for NGO

Non-governmental non-commercial organization (NGO) is a legal entity organized by legal and natural persons with no profit-making goal. NGO in Uzbekistan is organized for protection of rights and interests of legal and natural persons, for democracy, social, cultural and educational aims, for charity and for other social benefits. NGO can be organized in the form of public units, social funds, entities and in other forms prescribed by law. "My Lawyer" Law Firm provides the following professional legal services:

- providing oral consultations on the legal issues related to the activities of NGOs, including consultations by phone or e-mail;

- approve the contracts (agreements) and/or provide a legal opinion (in case of exceeding the amount of 200 times the minimum wage agreement);

- providing legal opinions on foreign economic transactions (import and export contracts, additional agreements to them);

- review and approve orders (labor, production, etc.) of NGOs;

- examination of finished (already developed) project for making agreements, contracts, as well as their update and improvement (if necessary);

- examination and update of the draft letters, applications and appeals for their compliance with regulations;

- development of draft agreements, contracts, agreements, letters, petitions and appeals;

- prepare the projects of foreign trade transactions (import contract, the export contract, additional agreement to it);

- development of draft orders, decisions, protocols, and other local regulations;

- a set of services for the development of projects of changes and additions to the constitutional documents of NGOs and other documents related to the introduction of amendments and additions, as well as the full support of their registration in the authorized bodies;

- preparation of written (analytical) information on legal issues;

- claim disputes to recover liabilities from debtors;

- representation NGO’s interests in different government agencies on issues related to its activities;

- participation in the audit of financial and economic activities of NGOs. Depending on the extent of legal services, “My Lawyer” Law Firm offers three tariff plans for legal services for non-profit organizations