Legal support for representative office

“My Lawyer” Law Firm provides professional legal services for Representative offices of foreign commercial organizations in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Legal service for Representative offices of foreign commercial organizations in the Republic of Uzbekistan is a permanent legal support on the basis of a monthly payment.

“My Lawyer” experts provide the following legal services:
- providing oral consultations on the legal issues resulted from client’s activity, including advice by phone or email;
- review contracts (agreements) and/or provide a legal opinion;
- providing legal opinions on foreign economic transactions (import and export contracts, additional agreements to them);
- examination and  review of the documents (labor, production, etc) of representative office;
- review of (already developed) projects for making agreements, contracts, as well as their updating and improvement (if necessary);
- examination and adjustment of the draft letters, applications and appeals for their compliance with regulations;
- development of draft agreements, contracts, agreements, letters, petitions and appeals;
- development of projects of foreign trade transactions (import contract, the export contract, an additional agreement to it);
- development of draft orders, decisions, protocols, and other local regulations;
- prepare draft documents related to the extension of accreditation representative office, prepare Regulations on representative office and general power of attorney, as well as advice on the preparation of the annual report ito relevant body, with the support for renewing the accreditation;
- preparation of draft documents related to the accreditation of foreign employees of representative offices in Uzbekistan and support for accreditation procedures;
- Preparation of written (analytical) information on legal issues;
- claim disputes related to liabilities of debtors;
- representing clients in different government agencies on issues related to its activities;
- participation in the audit of financial and economic activity of representatives.