Companies with foreign investments

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-1652 dated 30.11.1996, the companies with foreign investments can register in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its territorial bodies as newly established companies if they fulfill the following conditions:
- The size of the authorized capital of company may not be less than an amount equivalent to 150 000 US dollars;
- One of participants of the enterprise should be necessarily a foreign legal entity;
- The share of foreign investment is not less than 30 per cent of the authorized capital of the enterprise.

The newly established companies that do not meet the above conditions are not considered as companies with foreign investments and are subject to state registration in the established order in municipality (khokimiyats) of cities and regions on the location of company.

What documents and information you need to provide:

1) Firm name (up to 5 variants);

2) The number and names of participants:
For residents: individual - a copy of the passport; legal entities - a copy of the State Registration Certificate or Certificate;
For non-residents: individuals - a copy of the passport (with translation into the official language, notarized in accordance with established procedure); legal entities - extract from trade register at the place of registration of the legal entity or other document (hereinafter - extract), confirming the activity of the legal entity. The extract must contain: the name of the foreign legal entity, its location, details of the person authorized to sign on behalf of the foreign legal entity (with a translation into the official language, notarized in accordance with established procedure).

3) The size of the authorized capital;

4) The size of the contribution and distribution of members' shares of company;

5) The mailing address of company (with the provision of a letter of guarantee from the company / organization that provides premises for this address);

6) The main activity 

7) Passport details and Taxpayer’s ID of appointed Director and, if necessary, chief accountant’s such information.

 Registration services include:

- consultancy on registration and operation of the registered company;
- registration of the firm name and design sketches for seal;
- the development of constitutional documents;
- preparation of the decision to establish the company;
- delivery of documents to the registration authority;
- assistance in obtaining seal and angular stamp.


The following services are available for additional cost.
- support in opening a bank account (if necessary);
- preparation of orders and employment contracts to executives;
- registration in tax authorities;
- translation of constitutional documents of legal entity on the Russian / English language;
- development of rules and regulations on hr policy;
- development of employment contracts for staff;
- the development of agreements on material liability of employees;
- development of draft agreements for activities.