Reorganization of legal entities is one of the most comprehensive procedures  related with the re-registration process. 

Reorganization can be in these forms:
- Transformation (reorganization);
- Acquisition;
- Merger;
- Spin-out;
- Division.

Basic regulations of reorganization process of legal entities are stated in the Chapter 4 of Civil Code of Uzbekistan. There are certain regulations with special conditions for the reorganization of legal entities. Since all kinds of reorganization entail the legal succession and transfer of liabilities from one legal entity to another, special attention is required for correct legalization and accounting work during the transition of the rights and liabilities. A legal entity is considered reorganized since the date of state registration of newly created legal entities, except for cases of reorganization in the form of a merger. With the reorganization of the legal entity in the form of a merger with another entity, the first of them is considered reorganized from the moment of entry about the termination of activity of a legal entity into the Unified State Register of enterprises and organizations.

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