Legal support of contracts

One of the important steps in the activities of companies is making the contracts and execution of them. Legally correct and good contract (agreement) is not only the impact of the further execution of the contract (agreement), but also the protection of the interests of each party involved in the transaction.

“My Lawyer” Law Firm provides professional services on legal support in making contracts and their execution, which include the following:

- participation in negotiation processes with parties in order to determine key issues and conditions of the transaction;

- development of draft of the contract (agreement) with the conditions agreed upon during the negotiation process;

- presentation of draft of the contract (agreement) on the coordination of the parties to  transaction;

- improvement of draft of the contract (agreement) with the additional opinions and suggestions of the parties involved in transaction;

- preparation of final version of the contract (agreement) and participation in the process of its signing by representatives of the parties involved in  transaction;

- providing legal advice to the parties involved in transaction, on the application of terms and conditions of  the contract (agreement).