Representative office

Accreditation and operation of representative offices of foreign commercial organizations regulated by the "Regulations on the procedure of foreign commercial organizations and representatives of accreditation activities on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan" (Appendix №1 to the Resolution of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 23.10.2000 №410). Representative offices are established by foreign commercial organizations in order to represent and protect their interests in Uzbekistan. Representative offices are not legal entities and are not engaged in business or other commercial activity, except for representative of foreign airline offices. Representative office of foreign airlines recognized as a permanent establishment.

For accreditation of representative office in Uzbekistan you have to submit:
1) information on foreign company activities; about business and other relations with the enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, about the implementation of treaties and agreements you have, which will contribute to the Mission; about the prospects of development of cooperation; the period of representative office, you want to open.

2) a letter of guarantee of legal entity or individual of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is the owner of non-residential premises, confirming the willingness to represent the premises for rent or realization (with an indication of the conditions and terms of the rent or realization).

3) for representative office of commercial organizations - constitutional documents of a foreign company in accordance with the laws on the state of registration of the foreign company; for representative office of state authorities and administration - regulation or other document defining the status and competence of the authority, intending to open a representative office;

4) a document confirming official registration of foreign company in the country of location, issued by the relevant state authority (certificate of state registration or extract from the trade register);

5) the power of attorney issued by foreign company to head of representative office, with appropriate passport data and granted powers;

6) regulations of representative office approved by head of foreign company and bearing its seal.

The documents shown in clauses 3-6 should be legalized in the established order in the Consulate of Uzbekistan in the country of registration of foreign company, and in case of lack thereof - in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of foreign company’s registration, in the consular office or diplomatic mission of the country in Uzbekistan followed by certification in the consular office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Documents submitted with a notarized translation into the state (Uzbek) or Russian language. Legalization is not required if the documents have apostil.

Foreign company pays for accreditation of representative office a freely convertible currency 1200 US dollars to the account of the accrediting authority.

Services for accreditation of representative offices:
- consultation on the accreditation of representative offices;
- development of the application to the accrediting authority;
- development of draft of the Regulation of representative office;
- draft of the projects of powers of attorney for head of representative office;
- apply documents to the accrediting authority;
- obtain certificate of accreditation by power of attorney or support receipt of certificate of accreditation;
- assistance in preparation and receipt of seal.

Date of receipt of the certificate of accreditation - 15 days.

The following services are available for additional payment:
-registration of representative office in the tax authorities on the location and presentation of certificates to the accrediting body for its registration;
- written notification to accreditation body about mail address;
- support in opening a bank account (if necessary);
- preparation of orders and employment contracts to executives and employees;
- development of rules and regulations on human resource policy;
- development of the agreement on the material liability of employees.